Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hunger Breaks "All Day Breakfast"

So I wasn't allowed to eat this at day time, and sober, my long time friend Deco told me because “no one would ever eat that in the light of day if they knew what they where doing.”

Right so, it is 9 am and I have a hangover; NOM NOMS!

Hunger Breaks All Day Breakfast (Tesco €1.49)

Out of the can it has two meat balls’ two

short sausages, which resemble frankfurters, to teeny mushrooms, a slice of what looks like pepperoni and a lump of pale brown stuff ( which turned out to be another mushroom) all drenched in some kind of spicy smelling baked beans. In fact the smell is a little odd, smells exactly like the hot food section of M&S Grafton st.; seriously.

Getting into the sausage has the texture of Tofu that has been seasoned with Schwartz All Spice ( and an incense stick.

The meat ball thing is apparently the bacon and egg bite in the ingredients list. It pretty much tastes like the sausage but with a lumpier texture and has in it’s mushy centre, wait for it, some from of fried egg white that feels like it has be reconstituted from builders lime.

Man this is not really nice.

The mushrooms taste like big juicy beans.

The truth be told, everything tastes like the beans, which are a bit on the sweet side and salty, which is strange. Think sea salt on sweet potatoes.

The “Bacon Slice” tastes like someone left a slice of cheap pepperoni in a tin of beans.

I have stopped eating now. About half left, but the smell as it cools is fast approaching the realm of heated dog food.

This one has me beaten.

To sum up looking at the list of ingredients should have been enough to put any normal human off the food, and the stats on the nutritional info are pretty horrendous, they are quoted per 100g, this is 410g, therefore it contains 100% of you daily salt intake, so BEWARE.

Overall it tasted like firm mush. It really became hard to distinguish what exactly was in my mouth at any one time to the lack of individual texture/taste; the only telling factor was a sliding scale of density, with the beans on the top and the sausage at the bottom.

Unless you this is the Zombie Apocalypse and you are on a long road with a kid to feed, stay away. Just do yourself a favour and spend the €1.49 on some Glenisk yogurt with granola, or any thing else really, for this is surely the bottom of the breakfast hole, a new low water mark in the Nom Nom world, a standard by which all shit breakfasts will be measured.

ONE STAR. (because it is food and the spice makes it not complete vomit)


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  1. bleeeuuugh! i'm glad you're eating these things so i don't have to!