Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Marino Coffee

Location; Marino

Shop: Spar

Cost; €2

Bleedin coffee this morning tasted like dishwater, no joke. Maybe it was the soap I had for breakfast? No, didn't eat soap this mornin'. Maybe it was the Fairy Liquid I used instead of milk?No it was milk, or it could have been machine sperm because the new fecking machine they got in seems to be able to fuck your coffee.

It tasted like sexual assault, from a machine, by a machine.

I have nothing against machine Coffee, IADT has a nice bewleys one, Spar Nassau street has a nice one (they also do deals with coffee i.e. €1 euro coffee with any pastry or danish), and between you and me the best one is Centra on Westland Row (€1.60 for a Reg €2 for Lrg. Coffee is dark and the milk is frothy and warm.)


Maybe it's due to all the kids who go there shoplifting at lunch time, the staff never seemed to have bothered to clean the machine. Maybe it is the moon and the stars. I don't fucking know.

P.S. how come the hot counter hardly ever has any food there either?

P.S. the croissant was not turd (a surprise!) but it was cold like it had been outside (another surprise!)

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